Outdoor Style

Aesthetics + Performance = Perfection

Designed with stylish intent. Outdoor apparel and footwear on the cutting edge.
The phrase “outdoor style” used to mean something quite different than it does today. Once it might have evoked images of super puffy jackets designed for withstanding the most extreme weather. And at one point it may have brought to mind the laid-back, “crunchy and granola” outdoor stereotype. But today, “outdoor style” is reflective of a whole new aesthetic. Brands with an edge. Brands that make beautiful garments that look good, feel good and perform.  (Read the Full Story)

Activity Agnostic

Performance running brands venture into “All Day” shoes, but don’t call them Athleisure.
Running shoes have been accepted as casual footwear since the 1972 Nike Cortez broke out of the track team’s gym bag and appeared on feet in all sorts of settings. Today, the Cortez and similar retro models are the height of sneaker fashion. Wearing today’s performance running shoes in a casual context, however, makes you look like you forgot to change out of your uniform.  (Read the Full Story)

Beyond The Basics

Brands Move Beyond Simple Tops & Leggings to Create Multifunctional Fitness & Fashion-Worthy Pieces.
Yoga pants have come a long way, baby. While the idea of a yoga pant used to be quite simple (basic in color, stretchy for ease of movement), leggings—and tops—have become much more sophisticated. Athletic apparel dips into athleisure, pieces are multifunctional and they all just look really great and on-trend. Brands in the yoga, run and fitness space are offering a beautiful mix of performance and style for both men and women both for kickin’ it in class and kickin’ back at home. (Read the Full Story)

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Inside Fitness The What and Wear of Today’s Trends

Research tells an interesting story when it comes to what  activities are trending.
A lot of hand wringing has taken place in regards to getting people active. But how much do we know about the people who already are active?Seventy-two percent of the U.S. population is active while 28 percent is not, says a recent sporting goods industry study, “Tracking the Fitness Movement.” So while some work on getting the 28 percent off the couch, the more we know about who the 72 percent are (aka the active people), and what they are doing, the better we can respond to their needs. (Read the Full Story)

On Course

Style on the Greens Branches Out
Golf apparel is sporting a decidedly “un-golfy” look that broadens its appeal. And golf apparel designers are carrying the athleisure trend forward, with golf apparel doubling as casual sportswear. Neutral palettes, highlighted with seasonally bright colors give golf fashion a very sophisticated look—no more plaid pants, lots more technical fabrics, slim cuts and a variety of styles for a smoother swing.  (Read the Full Story)

Reaching Out

Q&A with Tess Roering, CMO, CorePower Yoga.
Founded in Denver in 2002, CorePower Yoga currently has over 165 studios across the country. The chain’s reach spans 20 states and more than 100 cities. The company plans to open at least 15 new studios this year, and launch in new markets including New York City and Charlotte.With a 2016 Yoga in America study indicating that there are more than 36 million people practicing yoga in the U.S. (up from 20 million in 2012), those in the business see plenty of room for continued growth.  Here, CorePower Yoga’s chief marketing officer, Tess Roering, discusses business and trends with us. (Read the Full Story)